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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BA Sociology Colleges in Nepal, Tribhuvan University,TU

The major Sociology and Anthropology courses for the three-year Bachelor's level are designed to make the students familiar with the disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology and thereby make them able to analyze social and cultural institutions and process. It introduces students with important theoretical approaches and enables them to explore and interpret the meaning of social events and process from different perspectives, familiarize with the structure of Nepali society and culture, dominant global perspective on development and comprehend and analyze the unfolding developmental processes in Nepal. It also provides students with basic knowledge and skills required to undertake research studies in the fields of sociology and Anthropology.

Functional paper VI aims to make students familiar with basic concepts of development and developmental practices in Nepal.

Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering BA Sociology Course are:

1. SV Academy Multiple College [ view details]

2. Orbit International College [ view details]

3. Canvas International College [ view details]

4. Martyr Ramnath Multiple (MRM) Campus [ view details]

5. Campion College [ view details]

6. British Gorkha College [ view details]

7. Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies [view details]

8. United College [view details]

9. Greenfield National College [view details]

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BA Sociology Colleges in Nepal


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