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Thursday, August 29, 2013

MA Sociology Anthropology Colleges Nepal Tribhuvan University

Sociology/Anthropology has been established as a prominent social science branch under T.U. As member of social science, it encompasses the aspect like human evolution, Human Behavior,social institutions, social structure, social conflict and cultural complex of various societies in the world. In dealing with these aspects, Sociology/Anthropology makes holistic approach and no other members of this domain have contributed in such a manner

Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering MA in Sociology/Anthropology  Course are:

1. Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus [ view details]

2. Madan Bhandari Memorial College [ view details]

3. Campion College [ view details]

Click the link below for more listing
MA in Sociology/Anthropology  Colleges in Nepal,TU