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Sunday, September 1, 2013

KU Educational Management Distance Mode Colleges in Nepal Kathmandu University

Distance learning has created an entirely new way to obtain a meaningful education. It empowers and enriches the knowledge of millions, who have enthusiasm to learn. Continuous learning and updating knowledge has now become essential more than ever before. It is a must to keep pace with the dynamic demands of all professions.  Distance education is one such fast developing concept. With this, the less successful ones would become more successful and the successful ones can reach to the top. Hidden potentials, dormant talents, aptitude, interests and aspiration can be developed to the fullest through distance learning. Many teachers in Nepal want to obtain professional education without the constraint of distance, time and age. They also want to pursue a degree without interrupting their career. In this context, distance education is the only effective way of making their hidden wishes a success.

Some of the Kathmandu University affiliated Colleges offering Master of Education in Educational Management (Distance Mode) Course are:

1. Kathmandu University-School of Education [ view details ]

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Master of Education in Educational Management (Distance Mode) Colleges in Nepal, KU


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