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Sunday, June 28, 2015

4 years BBS 2nd year 2072 and 3 years BBS Second year 2072 exam routine from Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University ,office of the controller of examination Balkhu, has published the examination schedule of both 3 years BBS Second year and 4 years BBS Second year program.

The examination of 4 years BBS 2nd year 2072 starts from 2072/04/20 (Basic Business Communication-MGT 205) and ends on 2072/04/29 (Foundation of Human Resource-MGT 216).The examination of  3 years BBS Second year 2072 starts from 2072/04/19 (Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-211) and ends on 2072/04/28 (Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT 214).

The examination time will be from 1pm  to 4 pm for both exams 4 years BBS 2nd year and 3 years BBS 2nd year .View the complete routine below for both exams:

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE:  4 years BBS 2nd year 2072 give below:  
Examination time: 1-4 pm
[ Date ]-----------------------------[ Subject ]
2072/04/20------------------------Basic Business Communication-MGT 205
2072/04/22------------------------Macro Economics-MGT 206
2072/04/25------------------------Cost and Management Accounting-MGT-212
2072/04/27------------------------Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT 214
2072/04/29------------------------Foundation of Human Resource-MGT 216

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE : 3 years BBS Second year 2072
Examination time: 1-4 pm
[ Date ]--------------[ Subject ]
2072/04/19---------Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-211
2072/04/21---------Foundation of Human Resource-MGT 216
2072/04/24---------Business Law-204
2072/04/26---------Fundamentals of Financial Management-215
2072/04/28---------Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT 214