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Monday, February 22, 2016

Vacancy announcement from Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Nepal Electricity Authority announces vacancy for various positions of Officer level and assistant level. Application Forms can downloaded from Forms should be in A4 size paper. Application submission deadline is: 2072/12/8  and with double fee, deadline is 2072/12/15 (28 march 2016).

Given below are details regarding vacancy:

1.1 Position: Co-Director (Level: 10)
1.2 Position: Manager (Level: 10)
1.3 Position: Sub-Director (Level: 9)
1.4 Position: Assistant Director (Level: 8)
1.5 Position: Administrative Officer (Level: 7)
1.6 Position: Account Officer (Level: 7)
1.7 Position:Law Officer (Level: 7)
1.8 Position:Economist (Level: 7)
1.9 Position: Statistician  (Level: 7)
1.10 Position:Engineer (Level: 7)
1.11 Position:Survey Officer (Level: 7)
1.12 Position: Geologist (Level: 7)
1.13 Position:Environmentalist (Level: 7)

2.1 Position:Meter Reading Supervisor
- No. of Vacancies:19
- Level: 5
- Job Category: Administration
- Job Group: Administration
- Education: Intermediate level/ +2

2.2 Position: Accountant
-No. of Vacancies:19
-Level: 5
-Job Category: : Administration
-Job Group: Accounts
-Education: Intermediate level/ +2

2.3 Position:Supervisor
-No. of Vacancies:51
-Level: 5
-Job Category:  Technical
-Job Group: Electrical/ Civil /Mechanical
-Education: Diploma or equivalent

2.4 Sr. Heavy Equipment Operator
-No. of Vacancies:1
-Level: 5
-Job Category: Technical
-Job Group:Driving
-Education:Valid Driving Licence (Crane)

2.5 Sr. Meter Reader
-No. of Vacancies:72
-Level: 4
-Job Category: Administration
-Job Group:Administration
-Education:Intermediate level/ +2

2.6 Assistant Accountant
-No. of Vacancies:24
-Level: 4
-Job Category: Administration
-Job Group: Accounts/Finance
-Education:Intermediate level/ +2

2.7 Foreman
-No. of Vacancies:4
-Level: 4
-Job Category: Technical
-Job Group:Civil
-Education: SLC

2.8 Foreman Driver
-No. of Vacancies:8
-Level: 4
-Job Category: Technical
-Job Group:Driving
-Education: Class 10 pass with valid driving licence

2.9 Meter Reader
-No. of Vacancies: 35
-Level: 3
-Job Category: Administration
-Job Group: Administration

2.10 Electrician
-No. of Vacancies: 80
-Level: 3
-Job Category: Technical
-Job Group: Electrical

2.11 Driver
-No. of Vacancies:5
-Level: 3
-Job Category: Technical
-Job Group:Driving

View original vacancy notice  below for job details and application procedure.