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Friday, June 1, 2018

BEd Colleges in Nepal, Tribhuvan University ,TU, Bachelor of Education

Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Education Course are:

1. Janamaitri Multiple Campus
Address: Kuleshwor, Kathmandu

Founded in 2047 BS and promoted by an efficient team of reputed professionals, academicians and social workers, Janamaitri Multiple Campus (JMC) has been recognized and admired as one of the pioneering academic institutions of the nation. As a purely public organization, the college feels responsible towards public, society and the nation. The ideally located pollution free surrounding of Kuleshwor Height has been considered a studentoriented center of learning only by virtue of JMC. The college has extended its physical facilities with a purchase of a wide field at the centre of locality for the extension of higher/university education in various subjects and disciplines.

JMC has become successful to prove that quality education is not the outcome of high financial investments but the consequence of sound labor of weariless students, dedicated faculties and efficient management. Conducive academic environment, mutual understanding, high level intellectual workshop, multimedia use etc. are some of the numerous features of JMC that prove it an ideal educational institution with a difference. [ View details ]

2. Sahid Ramnath Dahal 
Address: Vanasthali, Kathmandu

Another academic wing of Sahid Ramnath Dahal Memorial Academy, under Sahid Ramnath Dahal Study and Research Forum, Sahid Ramnath Dahal Multiple Campus dedicates for bringing the potentialities of individual out. Teaching strategy of interaction and full participation of the students in learning helps to make our students expressive active and creative. The faculty members not only lecture in the class but also facilitate the students to explore ideas themselves. Currently running Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelors of Arts (BA) and Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) at this college, a program of Tribhuvan University, aims to produce diverse professionals graduates for employment in various field. [ View details ]

3. Prithvi Narayan Campus
Address: Bagar, Pokhara, Kaski

Founded on 1 September 1960 (17 Bhadra 2017 BS) in the western region, PN Campus was initially named Prithvi Narayan Inter College that was started with 13 students and 2 teachers for post-secondary education and was run by the local community. In the beginning, the classes were conducted in Kanya School, Nadipur Patan and moved to Bhimkali Patan in Bagar where it now exists. George John was the first Principal, and Narayan Bahadur Karki and Arjun Bikram Rana were the first administrative staff of the college. On 20 August 1963 (4 Bhadra 2020 BS), the college resumed its first batch with the Bachelor of Arts (BA) study, which received its accreditation from Tribhuvan University. In the same year, under the Peace Corps Volunteering Projects, Douglas K. Wingham, Peter Farco and Dorothy Mierow started working as volunteers to teach English and other courses in the college. [ View details ]

4. Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj
Address: Nepalgunj-13 Bhansar Road Banke

Mahendra Multiple campus Nepalgunj is one of the oldest and bigest educational institutions of the mid western and far western development region of Nepal. It was established as Narayan Inter College in 2014 and was named as Mahendra Degree College in 2018 as the purpose of quality based higher education program in Mid-western and Far-western region of Nepal. It was established as Mahendra Multiple Campus in 2028 when the New Education Planning launched. At present, the campus is offering bachelor and master level programs in Humanities, Management and Education; bachelor degrees in Law and Science. There are about 5,500 students, 109 full time teachers, 35 part-time teachers and 65 administrative staff in the college. [ View details ]

5. Birendra Multiple Campus
Address: Bharatpur, Chitwan

Founded in 2022 B.S; Birendra Multiple campus is one of the constituent campus of Chitwan. It is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan. It is located with its beautiful and peaceful premises at Bharatpur in Chitwan. It offers programs in the Institute of Science and Technology (B.Sc, M.Sc Physics & M.Sc Chemistry), Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences [B.Sc.(Agriculture Science)],Faculty of Management (BBS and MBS) and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, (BA, and MA Sociology and Anthropology). The physical infrastructure of the campus is expanded into 19 Bighas of land with different buildings. Apart from the land and buildings, the college is also occupied by canteen, cycle stand, Science lab, Computer Lab, Geography Lab and library. The library is well managed with a large volume of text and reference books at the campus. The students are accessed with journals and magazines of different subjects along with variety of newsletters and newspapers as per their interest. [ View details ]

6. Welhams College
Address: Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Welhams College is affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is one of the wings of Welhams Education Network. It is established in the year 2005.

The mission of the college is to insure the quality, competence and performance of the student on current issues. Within the short span of time, it is gaining the confidence and maturity in its academic program and social activities. It has well managed administrative staffs with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Furthermore, it is guided by a dedicated management committee for conformity with the National Educational goal. The college is committed to provide quality education at a reasonable cost. Its objective is to produce qualified and competent graduates to meet the national goal. [ View details ]

7. Baneshwor Multiple Campus
Address: Shantinagar, Kathmandu

Baneshwor Multiple Campus was established in 2047 BS by a group of social workers, intellectuals, and renowned academicians. It is a public campus in the true sense as it is run by teachers and the community and operates as a non-profit making institution. Right from the time of establishment, the Campus has been successful to mobilize active participation as well as contribution of local people and community on its various operational and developmental aspects. [ View details ]

8. Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus
Address: Janakpur, Dhanusa

Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple (RRM) Campus is located in Janakpur City of Eastern Nepal. It offers BA, BBS and B.Ed programs and also MA in Economics, MBS etc. [ View details ]

9. Sunsari Multiple Campus
Address: Inaruwa, Sunsari

Sunsari Multiple Campus is located in Inaruwa. It is a community campus under Tribhuvan University. Bachelor level programs offered in this college are BBS, BA, B.Ed. MBS is the master level program offered by this campus. Currently 329 students are studying Bachelor/Master's program in Sunsari Campus, Inaruwa; 30 in BA, 178 in B.Ed, 92 in BBS, 24 in MBS and 5 in M.Ed. Sunsari Multiple campus is also affiliated with National Examination Board (NEB) and offers plus two (10+2) programs in Management and Education. [ View details ]

10. Rapti Babai Campus
Address: Tulsipur, Dang-Deukhuri

Rapti Babai Campus is located in Tulsipur Dang. With affiliation from Tribhuvan University it is offering both Bachelor level and Master level prgraoms. Among the Bachelor level programs, Bachelor Education (B.Ed) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Arts (BA) are offered. Among Master level programs, it offers MBS, MA Sociology and M.Ed. This Campus is also offering Plus two (10+2) program in Management, Humanities and Education in affiliation with National Examination Board (NEB). [ View details ]

11. Shikharapur Community Campus
Address: Pharping, Dakshinkali, Kathmandu

Shikharapur Campus is located in Pharping, Dakshinkali. It is a community campus under Tribhuvan University. It offers BBS, BA and B.Ed program. [ View details ]

12. Madan Bhandari Memorial College
Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Located in Kathmandu, Madan Bhandari Memorial College serves more than 524 full-time students in Management, Humanities and Science streams.  Founded in 2001 and managed under Madan Bhandari Foundation, a charitable institution in the service of the nation, Madan Bhandari Memorial College offers a wide range of academic courses for students to choose from. The college imparts the quality education in BA, BBS, and BScCSIT with affiliation to TU.  The college also runs Masters' Degree courses of sociology, journalism, and English. [ View details ]

13. Maiya Devi Girls College
Address: Bharatpur, Chitawan

Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) is a leading independent public college for girls, was established in 1997 as a Higher Secondary School and it was upgraded as a college (TU) in 2000 A.D. in Bharatpur, Chitwan. It has occupied the land and its own building in the center location of Bharatpur municipality. Within a short span of time, the college has become the foundation for women empowerment in education.

The credit of the establishment of its definitely goes to the local academics, social workers and social prominent philanthropic personally Ms. Maiya Devi Shrestha, honourable patron of the college who has provided the financial support to build the physical infrastructure, as well as praiseworthy suggestion and advice at everymoment. MDGC has earned its place of pride through the vision and dedication of a team of acedemics and professionals who have promoted it, the skill of its panel of professors who possess cutting edge knowledge in their fields. The college is comitted to making every effort to create the best possible opportunity for academic proficiency and growth. The vision is to inspire the students to grow a strong sense of social and national responsibility. [ View details ]

14. Sanothimi Campus
Address: Madhyapur, Thimi, Bhaktapur

Sanothimi Campus is located at heart of Madhyapur Thimi Muncipality. This campus was established with the aim of producing vocational technicians and teachers with the name of National Vocational Training Center (NVTC) in 2024 B.S. Later on 2029, this campus was affiliated to Tribhuvan University in the name of Sanothimi Campus after the implementation National Educational System Plan (NESP- 2008). It began to produce trained teachers for vocational education according to the newly introduced curriculum (2028) in the school level. Now Sanothimi Campus has been offering various subjects (courses) for specialization. The subjects of specialization in bachelor level are English, Mathematics, Science, population , Health & physical education, Nepali, Home science, Industrial, Political science, Economics Geography, Primary education, Early childhood development, Informal educational Administration & Supervision, Nepali education and newly offered curriculum ICT education as well . Similarly, in master level ICT Ed., EPM, Curriculum, Health and Mathematics education has been offered. It is the matter of proud that sanothimi campus has started Information and Communication Technology Education (ICT Ed) in Bachelor level from 2065 onwards. [ View details ]

15. Damak Multiple Campus
Address: Damak, Jhapa

Damak Multiple Campus is a QAA Accredited community-based campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It is completely supported and managed by the community.With affiliation from NEB it offers 10+2 program in Science, Management, Humanities and Education. Damak Multiple Campus was established in 2038 B.S with the emphasis on management. But gradually, the focus has gone to all faculties- Humanities, Education, Management and Science. Environment Science has drawn much attention due to its global issues. Master degree is also a good stay for the production of qualified manpower. [ View details ]

16. Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu

Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus (DKMC) is a community girls' college established in 2037 B.S. by renowned social workers and educationists. Since its inception, our sole aim has been to provide quality education at affordable fees to aspiring students. The college had a humble beginning with just 17 students, 7 teachers, and a single academic program (I.A). We are proud to state that at present we have more than 2000 students, 70 teachers, and 16 administrative staffs, and we have been running Intermediate, Bachelors and Masters level programs in Humanities, Management and Education. The college is renowned for its conducive environment that creates the best setting for teaching-learning process. Despite the problems evident in the university education in the country due to a number of reasons for the past few years, DKMC has been successful in keeping itself intact from the problems and has maintained exceptionally regular classes by a highly qualified and experienced faculty. Our result is among the best under Tribhuvan University and nearly a dozen of our students have created a history by being toppers in the TU Board Exams. [ View details ]

17. Hari Khetan Multiple Campus
Address: Alakhiya Road, Birgunj, Parsa

Hari Khetan Multiple Campus is located at the heart of Birgunj which is the southern border city of Nepal. It was founded in 2038. Now it is a big promising campus having about a hundred efficient and qualified teachers, about three thousand students in various faculties. These faculties are run in the main three storey building and two rented building at Maisthan & Mercantile. This campus always aims at high standard of academic excellence which is duly reflected in examination results almost in all faculties and all levels. The campus runs from 6:30 A.M up to 8:00 P.M. Currently around 900 students are studying in this campus. [ View details ]

18. Kapan Multiple Campus
Address: Kapan, Kathmandu

Kapan Multiple Campus is located at Kapan Kathmandu, Nepal. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and is offering BBS and B.Ed programs in morning and evening shift. [ View details ]

19. Kathmandu Shiksha (Education) Campus
Address: Satungal Kathmandu

Kathmandu Shiksha Campus is one of the public campus affiliated to Tribhuvan university established on April 28, 1991 (B.S. 2048 Baisakh 15) with commitment and sincere efforts of reputed and experienced educationists having associated with teacher education /training for many years. It is located in the heart of the capital city. Kathmandu Education (Shiksha) Campus is located in Ramshahpath, Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

It is a community campus under Tribhuvan University. It offers B.Ed and M.Ed program. In affiliation with NEB, Kathmandu Shiksha Campus offers plus two program in Education program. [ View details ]

20. Pashupati Multiple Campus
Address: Mitrapark, Chabhil, Kathmandu

Pashupati Multiple Campus was established with the commitment and initiative of the education loving dedicated intellectuals with a sole aim of catering to quality education at an affordable fee structure. It is offering 10+2 program in Humanities, Management and Education with affiliation from NEB.
Pashupati Multiple Campus gloriously received affiliation to TU with permission to run Proficiency Certificate Level Classes in the Humanities stream in Bhadra 24 of 2037 B.S( 1st Feb.1981). The logo of the campus is composed of the picture of Pashupatinath encircled with the divine wording of knowledge and decorum. [ View details ]

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