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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Purbanchal University Public Health BPH Colleges in Nepal Bachelor of Public Health

The bachelor of public health program (BPH)  of Purbanchal University is a Four year (eight semester ) program which aims to prepare professional public health specialists with the highest technical and managerial competence in district level health programs, including problem identification, planning, implementing, training, health education, and research.

Such specialists can serve in various types of positions at national, regional, zonal, district or local levels. They will be needed in various kinds of governmental or non-governmental health agencies, hospital, schools and institutions, other possible area of absorption may involve special responsibilities, e.g. working directly with local communities and individuals, working primarily with school teachers, administering health education services, and preparing health workers in public health fields.

In general, the graduates of Bachelor of Public health program should be able to carry out the responsibilities designed for the district public health officer.

Some of the Purbanchal University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Public Health BPH Course are:

1. Chakrabarti HaBi Education Academy [ view details]

2. Nepal Institute of Health Sciences [ view details]

3. Shree Medical and Technical College [ view details]

4. Sanjeevani Nursing College [ view details]

5. Yeti Health Science Academy [ view details]

6. Om Health Campus [ view details]

7. Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences [ view details]

8. Eden Berg International College, Biratnagar, Morang, 021-523684

9. Oasis Medical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan, 056-533472

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Bachelor of Public Health BPH Colleges in Nepal,Purbanchal University