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Friday, September 13, 2013

TU BE Electrical Engineering Colleges in Nepal Tribhuvan University

Electrical engineering deals with study and application of electrical systems for use in these different environments. It equips you with the knowledge of transmission and generation of electrical power, electrical circuit design, electronics, instrumentation, control system and understanding electrical and electronic networks, among other things.

Electrical Engineering is concerned with the design, research, development, planning, manufacturing and management of electrical system and devices which are required to facilitate the needs of a modern developed society. It is also concerned with the utilization of electrical power in various areas such as industrial application, communication system, information technology system, building electrification and so on.

Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering BE Electrical Engineering Course are:

1. Khwopa College of Engineering [ view details ]

2. Kathmandu Engineering College [ view details ]

3. National College of Engineering [ view details ]

4. Advanced College Of Engineering & Management [ view details ]

Click the link below for more listing
BE Electrical Engineering Colleges in Nepal,TU


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