Monday, January 31, 2011

After graduation

What are you going to do after your graduation? It is the most obvious question that graduate and post-graduate students hear from their near and dear ones during the end of their academic careers. Some of them may answer that they will go back to their hometown and find suitable jobs. Some may say they are going to continue studying, and some of them may have a strong desire to step in foreign lands to learn and earn. These are the opinions and dreams of students who pursue their studies in Kathmandu with various dreams for their future.

One of my seniors at college went back to his home town, Bhairahawa, after completing his Master’s Degree almost three years ago. In the beginning, he worked for an academic institution. But now, he is running his own

higher secondary school. He is also enjoying his family life. Some people in the younger generation believe that we should invest our knowledge and skills in our own country.

Similarly, there are some young folks furthering their studies as well as, just to try to make money so that they can be financially independent. A BBA graduate I know is doing his Master’s in Economics as well as working in a communication-based private company in Kathmandu. Other graduates I know have gotten jobs working in NGOs/INGOs and government offices. In these youth, the spirit of independence is evident. The other day, one of my post-graduate friends commented on Facebook: “Hey guys! Look at the London Bridge in the background of my profile picture.” And he was congratulated by many of his friends. I could remember his strong desire to go abroad, especially to Europe, from the start of our academic session. And finally, he achieved his destination. Nowadays, going abroad is a very popular and glamorous thing to do for the youth of our country. Moreover, many say that they like the rapid pace of life and technology in developed countries.

However, there are some graduates who are still unemployed. Some of them wait for the right opportunity to come along. Some are still dealing with confusion about their career path. And some of them do not miss a chance to condemn political leaders and blame political instability for their unemployment. I have seen some very bright minds wasting their time in tea shops talking about political fuss the whole day. If we all join this type of mob, we will see higher levels of frustration and depression. My friend’s father says, “Today’s generation is highly ambitious.” He adds, “They want to achieve too many things as soon as possible.”

What I came to know is that whatever we wish and dream it can turn into reality if we stay true to our goals and work hard. All these events and anecdotes taught me to stay honest to my dreams and desires. We may face ups and downs, not only in our academic life but also in career path. But life is a result of the way of living we choose.

source: Suman DC, The Kathmandu Post