Sunday, January 30, 2011

    Career counselling

    Today there are plenty of new career opportunities available, which not only attract students but also lays the future prospect. But before choosing the right kind of career for oneself requires a little bit of research. For that students do not have to run around, simply just search on the net. Another good place to look would be career supplements and specials that come with daily papers. These will give them an idea of the careers that are popular at the moment, along with the finer details like ideal courses, institutes, fees, how to apply, future prospects, etc.

    In today’s world—students cannot afford to forget the rapidly changing job market. When they are planning a career a few years from now—they need to know whether that particular line would still be popular at that point of time. Would the skills they need change? How different would things be? Of course, one can never come up with the perfect answer—but it’s necessary to keep these things in mind. It’s important to set the right goal at the right time. The importance for reliable advice is emphasized because it will create big impact once the moment arrives where the student decides on what to do with his/her life after college. Gone are the days when graduates can easily find work. In order to get a stable or a high-paying job, one must have a good track record. So, ask yourself these questions —what courses or training I have to do in order to get the job I want? What working style or skills I have to learn? What kind of part-time job or internship I have to do? Once they find out the answer to the above questions they will have a powerful career plan sitting right in front of their eyes. Once students take up a course, they should give full commitment to it from day one. Do not fall for any kind of distraction lest they should pay for them with their career. Try best to improve the percentage as it is the one factor based on which they could be short-listed by companies.

    The job market looks out for students who can cater to the requirements of their job profile, which lie reasonably above the knowledge gained from their course content. With the trend of online counseling, things have become more smooth. The counselor gets invaluable insights into their personality, and is able to draw a logical conclusion, and advise them on range of careers. BIBEK RAJ ADHIKARI