Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bhaktapur's oldest school closed

The oldest community school of Bhaktapur, which was established in providing with education to the children of general public during the Rana regime, has been closed due to lack of students.

Balbodh Shanti Lower Secondary School, established in 2003 BS on the forefront of social leaders, is closed with no enrollment of students, according to District Education Office.

The school that witnessed huge pressure to accommodate high number of students in the past came across the situation with the decrease in educational quality due to the lack of sound management, growing politicization and teachers´ incompetency, said local guardians.

Seven community schools in Bhaktapur including Balbodh Shanti have been closed by the District Education Office with no number of students in the schools and for failing to provide quality education as per guardians´ aspiration and demand of the time.

Among the schools closed down for the reasons are Chandeswori lower secondary of Bhaktapur town, Nateswori lower secondary, Mahakali primary school, Manakamana primary, Netra Jyoti primary and Bhim primary schools.

source: republica