Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ace School Leadership Conference: For Better Education

Seeking to explore the best practices in school level education, Ace Higher Secondary School is organising School Leadership Conference on February 5 - 6.

“We hope this conference will be an interactive and productive educational leadership session that will seek ways to bring innovation into educational practices across Nepal,” opined Principal Shankar Bir Singh.

The organisers expect to see participation of about 25 secondary and higher secondary schools from across the nation with three representatives — Principal, Administrator and member of school’s teaching faculty from each school.

Arguing that the whole traditional method of finding weaknesses of the students to solve problem is ineffective, Singh claimed, “It will encourage participants to learn about the techniques to help students achieve excellence by highlighting their strengths. It will be facilitated using Appreciative Inquiry approach,to identify the root causes of success to construct a new future.”
source: THT