Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Human Value Education for Plus Two students

BHAKTAPUR: Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) is all set to launch Human Value Education programme for Plus Two students, in which guardians will give certain marks to their children in the annual exam.Till date, HSEB has launched 147 subjects for Plus Two students, but this is the first time it is launching a subject, for which guardians will be examiners.

Ram Chandra Pandey, chief of Curriculum and Training Division, HSEB today said they were currently preparing a curriculum that wold help students change their behaviour and be disciplined in life. The new course will be implemented from the next academic session.

“After seeing behavioral changes for a year, their guardian will give them five points out of hundred on the basis of changes seen in the children.” he said.

“The students are not disciplined and are more conflict-oriented these days, therefore Human

Value Education curriculum has been designed to make them disciplined and to equip them with practical knowledge to sort out personal conflicts,” Pandey said.

He informed there would be various practical-based subjects under the programme. The students will have to spend more time doing field surveys, social services and report writing.

“Though this is an optional subject, we expect majority of students to opt for it and changes will be seen very soon,” he stressed.

Around a million students are currently studying in around 3,100 higher secondary schools throughout the country.

HSEB will also be launching other subjects like General Law, Agriculture, Music, Fine Arts, Beauty and Flower Culture in future.
source: THT