Thursday, February 3, 2011

Language barrier affecting ethnic children's studies, says report

ILAM: A new study revealed that the children of marginalised and rare tribes dropped out of schools due to the language problem.

The study carried out by district chapter of Federation of Nepalese Ethnic People regarding the educational condition of tribes showed that mostly the students of primary level were affected with the language problem and left schools before entering the lower secondary level.

It has been found that the children of ethnic communities speak in their mother tongue but the teachers cannot interact with them and the students are forced to leave their studies because of this. According to programme coordintor Phulmaya Rai, the school-going children among marginalised tribes of 15 VDCs, including Sulbung, Sumbek, Shreantu, Danabari, Barbote, are very low. “Mostly the children of these communities are found to have left the schools due to language problems,’’ she said. The number of school-going children is low in these communities as the guardians are unaware of the importance of education, Rai said.
source: THT