Tuesday, February 22, 2011

South Asian University to launch new courses

The South Asian University is introducing five new programmes for the students of SAARC region in July.
SAU is sponsored by eight SAARC member states. Prof Rajiv K Saxena, Officer on Special Duty, Academics and Planning, said they were planning to introduce MSc Biotechnology, MSc Computer Science, MA Sociology, MA International Relations and Master’s of Law.

“At least 30 students will be enrolled in each programme,” he said, adding that the university is also planning to introduce PhD programme. Prof Saxena said the courses would begin from July 6 and an entrance test would be held at major cities of each country on May 21. Prof Krishna Manandhar has been appointed to select students from Nepal.

Students will be drawn from all eight SAARC countries in proportion to their population but with a minimum of 4 per cent for five countries each (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Afghanistan) and 10 per cent each for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Besides, total 10 per cent students can be enrolled from non-SAARC countries. India, the host country, will enjoy maximum 50 per cent quota.  SAU began its operations in August, 2010, with 50 students in two programmes, namely MA Development Economics and Master’s in Computer Applications.
Students from six SAARC nations, except Maldives and Afghanistan, were enrolled in the first year.
Three students have recently been enrolled in the first year programme that lasts till 2014. After five
years, the SAU will have 3,000 students and 300 teachers with 11 post-graduate courses (four science and seven non-science), a small faculty of undergraduate studies and an institute of South Asian Studies which is expected to become a premier think-tank.

He said the final strength of university is expected to be 7,000 students and 700 teachers. Students at the university will receive visas to visit SAARC countries. Member countries, except India, may set up regional campuses in due course of time.

source: THT