Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Students getting computer education

    Parbat: The Kafalchaur Higher Secondary School, Durlung-8 of Parbat has started providing computer education to its students after it started receiving regular supports from different donors.In the memory of late Gunja Singh Gurung and Shashi Maya Gurung, sons Santosh, Rajkumar and Darshan Gurung provided 12 computers from the U.K. And Jeevan Gurung working as a British Gurkha also provided computers, power inverters and wireless facility to the school.

    Likewise, Dr. Om Gurung, former president of Federation of Indigenous People and Nationalities, has supported the school by providing a set of computer, Dhan Raj Gurung provide one colour printer, District Development Committee provided six sets of computers, one laptop, one multimedia projector. The school procured nine sets of computers through its own resources.

    After receiving computers and other gadgets, the school started computer education from last year, said Jeeb Nath Paudel, the principal of school.With a total of 29 computers, the school started computer education from class six to eight. The new lessons on computer has helped the students a lot as they do not need to visit the district headquarters only to get computer training, the principal added.

    Meanwhile the visually-impaired children, who have been studying at Rakhupiple based school in Myagdi district, have been provided with educational materials and stationeries.Plan Nepal provided the materials for 15 students of Ganodaya Secondary School.The organization provided white sticks, educational materials, furniture pieces and kitchen items worth Rs. 110,000, said Nilkantha Subedi, the school headmaster.
    source:rising nepal