Sunday, February 27, 2011

Students In Politics: Right Or Wrong?

Students getting involved in politics has been a debatable issue. People do not agree on whether students should actively participate in politics or not. Both who believe they should and those who say they should not argue strongly about the merits of their cases.

Those who support students’ participation in politics say that education means all-round development. It does not only mean literacy. Participation in politics leads to a harmonious development of personality. It makes students aware of what is happening in the country and the wider world. It also develops qualities of leadership in him/her and they don’t remain timid, shy and bookish. Students now become alert. They grow into confident and attentive young man who clearly knows how to tackle with difficulties. Participation in politics thus trains the student to be a good citizen in democratic way of life. At very early stage of life they come to know how to be a responsible and cultured citizen of a country. And thus they become future assets of country.

And those who oppose their proposition also have strong case. They argue that politics is a dirty game. This can be regarded true because it only creates group and parties among the student which leads to permanent enmities among them. It naturally disturbs the peace of mind of students and thus their studies suffer which is their prime area of attention at that stage. Students’ times are regarded very valuable and they required to pursue prime duty of their study. After once they involve in Politics, they become busy in strikes, demonstration and procession. At the times there are clashes with the college authorities or police. This way situation takes an ugly turn. This is the reason why many students stay neutral and put themselves behind bar completely. Students in politics uselessly spoil their career.

Although it has been issue to decide whether it is right or wrong for student to get involved in politics, there have been great problem due to adverse effect of politics in educational field, in contrary of Nepal. Our country has been facing a lot of problem in this case. In my view, students should take part in politics, but not very actively. It is better to take the middle path. All their activities should go within some limits so that prime concern i.e. studies is not affected. Needless to say, educational institution in our country are destructively politicized, and even schools operating in remote areas face interference of political groups. The educational institute has been degenerated to political battleground. The gang fight and violent brawls occurring in college indicate that political parties tend to use these forums to fulfill their political ends. So as to decrease these students’ political issues, parties should recognize this fact and seek ways to depoliticize it to some extent.

Prerana Shrestha
 BE Third Semester
 Himalaya College Of Engineering, Baneshwor