Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tour to rubber factory helps CITE students understand subject better

Educational tours and excursions are very crucial and practical approaches to help students achieve perfection in their studies.The students and colleges desir ing for excellent outcome must consider practical knowledge as an input and additional advanf tage. Keeping this point in mind, the f College of Information, Technolo gy and Engineering (CITE) organ ised an educational tour on Janu ary 18 for its students of Bachelor of Business Administration. They were taken on a tour of the fasci nating Gorkha district.
The students and teachers of CITE, who had commenced on their journey at 7:00 am, were de lighted to leave the polluted Capi tal at least for a day.
The first destination of the day long tour was the Gorakhkali Rub ber Udyog at Deurali, Gorkha, which they reached around 12:00 noon. It was a golden opportunity for the students to visit the one and only rubber manufacturing factory of Nepal.
There the students observed the processes of manufacturing tyres and tubes. They also visited vari ous departments of GRUPL. They also had an interaction pro gramme with the employees re garding the history, current status, products, sales and markets of the company.

The students then visited the popular and sacred temple Man akamana. They were excited about the trip to the temple in the only trolley cable car system of the nation.The tour was beneficial for the students as they were able broad en their minds.

-Kapil Gyawali, BBA Semester I,College of Information Technology, Tinkune,Kathmandu