Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Understanding information technology

The information technology field is a fast-growing sector in terms of career With society becoming more reliant on technology, more people are needed to create the software and hardware for the same. And the demand for IT professionals is high in the market and so is the scope of IT professionals as the subject is practical and it is easy for students to get a job by the time they complete their studies.
Information Technology is one of the most popular subjects in Tribhuwan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU) as well as in universities abroad.

Increasing demand "IT is all about computers that explores computer technology and information management," shared Prakash Shrestha, a lecturer and Systems Officer at Informatics College Kamal Pokhari adding that there is an increasing number of students in this subject. Working as a regular franchisee of Informatics Education Limited Singapore, Informatics College had been provided a quota for very little number of students earlier.

"Now we are permitted to take in 60 students per trimester. Because this subject addresses the need of present time, the number of students is increasing," informed Shrestha.

Expressing similar views, Binod Ranabhat, pursuing Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), IIIrd semester from Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT) said, "IT is such a subject that incorporates new technology and its definition keeps on changing with time." Future prospects "There is fun, creativity and money in this profession. I dream of working in Google, Microsoft or any other renowned IT firms in future," shared Akshobhya Dahal, Bachelor's of Science, Honours in Computer, IInd Year student at Informatics College.

Agreeing with him, Padam Shankhadev, Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), VIth semester student at College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE), shared, "If we are able to show our talent, we get job placements even while pursuing our studies. I see even better opportunities once we complete our studies." "More than 20 graduates of our college are employed in Microsoft offices. Besides, there are ample job opportunities in Nepal and countries abroad," informed Amrit Koirala, faculty member at CITE.
The future of this subject is really good as viewed by Indra PC, a faculty member at KCMIT who said, "Most students who have graduated from our colleges are abroad studying and working. Also there are very few qualified IT professionals in the market due to which we need more IT professionals in the days to come."

Shrestha, who also sees brain drain "as one of the biggest problems in the IT sector of Nepal", opined, "The outsourcing business is high in Nepal, after India. Demand for qualified IT professionals in this sector will keep on growing in the years to come."

Practicality of subject Information Technology is a very practical subject but students com plain of the subject being unable to retain its practicality. "We do have a very excellent course content which however is more theoretical. Had it been more practical and job-orient ed, it would be much easier for us to implement what we learnt in college in practice," opined Raghunath Pathak, a VIth semester student at CITE.
Similarly, Binaya Regmi, a BIM Vth semester at KCMIT complained, "IT should be a more practical-based subject but we have to study more theoretical subjects than the practi cal ones."
Shishir Poudel , a BIM IIIrd semes ter student said, "The syllabus should be updated timely to make it more practical and time relevant.This is lacking in the syllabus of TU."

And Dahal added there are few practical projects assigned to them in college. "We need more projects, so we can be practically capable of doing what we learn at college and in the classroom." Challenges "Compared to the days when we started BIT course back in 2000, the craze of students studying IT in Nepal has decreased as most of them prefer to study abroad. The political crisis in the country has discouraged students here for they do not get enough opportunities in the IT sector once they complete their studies," complained Koirala.
Sadikchhay Rijal, BIT VIth semester student at CITE, has been troubled by the schedule of the Purbanchal University. "Exams are not conducted on time and we are suffering from that," she stated.
Despite growing demand in the IT sector, PC opined, "Though we produce enough manpower in IT sector, we do not have industries where students can go and practice. And even the students have to suffer to complete their internship as corporate houses do not respond well to such students."
"The high cost has been a challenge and we want to make the fee even more affordable," Shrestha stated.
Informatics College (affiliated to University of Portsmouth, UK) ·
Bachelors of Sci ence, Honours in Computer ·
Minimum three years · Estimated cost: Rs 7.5 lakhs ·
Eligibility: Should have passed +2 from any faculty or passed A-Lev el or students who have attended +2 but not passed are provided eight months long training and enrolled

College of Information Technology and Engineering (affiliated to Purbanchal University) Courses offered · Bachelors of Information Technology (BIT) ·
Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA) ·

Bachelors of Computer Engineering (BCE) · Four years course
Estimated cost: Around Rs 3 lakhs (BIT), around Rs 2 lakhs (BCA) and around Rs 4 lakhs (BCE) Eligibility · BIT -Students should be from Science and Management with Maths as major · BCA -Any stream · BCE -Science with Maths

Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (affiliated to Tribhuwan University) · Course: Bachelor's of Information Man agement (BIM) · Four years course · Estimated cost: Rs 3.3 lakh with one laptop free · Eligibility: Students from any stream who have passed +2 or A-Level
source:Sharada Adhikari ,The HImalayan Times,16 feb 2011