Monday, March 14, 2011

Tanahun schools receive education materials

The Aashraya Foundation Nepal in coordination with Burwen Education Foundation, USA distributed education materials to the students of several schools in Tanahun district with the motives to help rural children.

Organizing a programme at Barahi Secondary School at Pharakchour in Vyas Municipality-4 on Sunday, Foundation handed over school bags, which cost around Rs. 400,000 to the representatives of four different schools including Barahi Secondary School, Amar Singh Secondary School of Tanahunsur VDC, Bhuwani Primary School of Chisapani VDC and Tanahu Primary School of Vyas Municipality-4.

Pradip Khanal, a representative of Foundation, said that it assisted the schools to promote rural students for study.

Birendra Adhikari, chairman of School Management Committee of Barahi Secondary School, said that such assistance would largely help the needy students.

After receiving the help, a student said, "We have faced a lot of problems as we lacked educational materials but now we are really thankful to the foundation.He added that students had been encouraged to go to school regularly.The foundation has been working on health, social and education sectors in several places of Nepal.

source:rising nepal