Monday, September 23, 2013

Notice from Nepal Nursing Council regarding Licensing Exam

Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) is established under Nepal Nursing Council Act 2052 (1996).it came into force on 2053-03-02(16 June 1996).first amendment of the act was done on 2058/10/14 (17th January, 2002 A.D.) However, initially the office of council was located within the premises of Ministry of Health at present it is located in Dhumbarahi.

Notice from Nepal Nursing Council regarding
This notice announce that Fifth Licensing Exam for nurses will conduct on Wednesday November 13th 2013 (Kartik 27, 2070)

Form available from 10 Ashoj,2070 BS to 14 Kartik BS and late fee, from Kartik 15, 2013 to Kartik 22,2013.For more details contact NNC desk or call on 4372521.

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About National Licensure Examination
National Licensure Examination for Nurses is defined to be an entrance examination to be qualified to be identified as a nursing professional. This National Licensure Examination for Nurses is applied to all the new graduates from Proficiency Certificate Level (P.C.L.) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. N.) . Graduation or completion of nursing education in P.C.L. or B.Sc. N is a requirement to sit the National Licensure Examination. All the graduates of P.C.L and B.Sc. N must pass the National Licensure Examination before they start working as a nursing professional.The National Licensure Examination for Nurses is the entry qualification to be a nursing professional. It should be distinguished differently from academic degree so that the Licensure Examination is applied to both B.SC.N and P.C.L at diploma level.

The title was recognized by the Board of Nepal Nursing Council, and also has exclusive right on the title. No one can employ the title with making alterations. The abbreviated title is `NLEN` in this context.