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Purbanchal University Fashion Design BFD Colleges in Nepal Bachelor of Fashion Design

Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) program is the first of its kind academic course in Fashion Designing in Nepal. The 3 year (6 Semester) course is a highly dynamic and rewarding degree and is a wonderful combination of science, art and technology.

It consists of elements of science as textile science and textile designing are considered major parts of fashion designing. Similarly, it consists of elements of art as having an artistic insight is a major requirement for becoming a good fashion designer.

Similarly, as the present day world relies on different technologies, fashion designing also implies modern technological equipments and other technology related products and ideas such as the use of Computer Aided Designing and the use of other digitizing equipments, modern stitching and embroidery machines, use of the internet and other sophisticated tools of textile design and production, etc.

As such, our BFD program is tailor-made to equip each student with all the necessary knowledge, skills and values in fashion designing from the combined perspective of science, art and technology in order to ensure his/her rewarding future in the fashion industry.

The objectives of the BFD program are to:
> Provide a thorough and advanced education in fashion designing that will enable our students to be well equipped to face the ever changing national and global dynamics of this field.
> Produce highly skilled manpower in the field of fashion technology to address the growing demands of the industry and to assist in the human resources development of the nation.
> Enable our students to be well-rounded professionals in field of fashion technology in order to be entrepreneurs or to work in various organizations.
> Make our students eligible for Masters degrees in fashion related fields and MBA degrees.

Some of the Purbanchal University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) Course are:

> Namuna College of Fashion Technology
Address: Bansbari, Kathmandu

Namuna College of Fashion Technology for Bachelors level of Fashion Design affiliated to the Purbanchal University, Biratnagar was established in 2002 with an aim to bridge the great divide between the ever changing demands of the fashion market and the requirements of students to meet those demands competently. [ View details ]

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