Sunday, March 30, 2014

SLC exam is over! What next?

After a year of stressing and obsessing over the SLC exam, we know one can be a bit overwhelmed now that the exams are over! The free days between the last day of the SLC exam and the first day in high school is the longest vacation a student in Nepal gets after at least 16 years of schooling. So why not make the best use of it?

If you don’t already have clear plans on how to utilize the days ahead, we have an assortment of activities listed here just for you.

Read books
Wait! We’re not talking about the boring, old course books you don’t want to open ever again. We’re talking about real books…books that take you to places and introduce you to people without having to go anywhere. Visit a bookstore and buy a couple of books that interest you, or get a library membership and borrow books. Develop the habit of carrying a book everywhere you go so you always have something productive to do. Read while you’re traveling by a bus, read while you’re waiting in a queue, read when you’re in the loo. Just lose yourself into the world of words. You’ll have no regrets. We promise.

It need not be an extravagant trip at all. Spend a weekend away from home with your family, go on a day hike with a group of friends, or discover the nooks and corners of your city/village alone. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, and may be you can start your own travel journal.


Volunteering might sound tedious, but trust us, you receive more than you can ever give when you dedicate yourself to a cause. You need not become a hardcore advocate of animal rights or set aside all your free time helping to rescue children on the streets. But you can always visit an old age home and listen to the stories the elderly have to share, or play a round of football or cricket with the children at an orphanage. Plus, you can always volunteer to teach at a nearby school. Please note that your experiences as a volunteer look very good on your CV, too.

Go swimming
The sun is back with its shine now, and what better way is there to beat the scorching heat than by swimming? If you aren’t yet skilled for the sport, go join a class. It not only helps you cool down, but is a great way to maintain fitness and is one of the most important life skills.

Join a fitness club
Stressing over the exams and indulging in late night snacks might have built up some fat in your body. Besides, it’s never too early or too late to lead a healthy life. Join a fitness club of your choice—from gym to Zumba classes to aerobics to dance classes.

Take computer courses
There’s a wide range of computer courses you can choose from. Master your Nepali typing skills, learn graphic designing or take a course on web designing. If you’re more interested in computer hardware, there are courses available on it too. Plus, it doesn’t take up all your day. So even if you do join a course, you have plenty of time to do the other things you want to do. Also, if you are determined enough, you can take these courses via online tutorials as per your convenience.

Learn a new language
Three months is a sufficient time to learn at least the basics of a new language. Besides lots of language institutes, Internet is again a great teacher. Remember, knowledge of languages is a real asset.

Join a music class
If you are a music lover, now is the chance for you to upgrade your status as a mere listener to a player. Choose an instrument of your choice and join a class. Music is a skill learned for life.

Bridge course
If you are serious about getting into a good college and if a decade of serious studying hasn’t tired you much, join a bridge course or preparation classes. Decide what course you want to do in your high school and go for the classes accordingly. This is also a chance for you to make friends with students of your age with similar interests.

source:republica,30 march 2014