Thursday, July 3, 2014

    Making the most out of college days

    Every single day of your college life is an opportunity to experience new things. Make the most out of them instead of just staying idle and wasting your precious days. Involve yourself in activities that are fun but also help you learn various new things. Make memories with your friends. After all, this much of free time to spend with wonderful people at your college won’t last forever.

    We’ve prepared a list of some activities you can indulge in and make your college days unforgettable.

    For the love of food
    Eateries are now open in every nook and cranny of the town. Try the ones you haven’t visited yet with your friends. Some restaurants are really creative in their décor, and you can enjoy the artistic ambience while savoring their mouthwatering dishes. Or organizing a potluck during break time or after college is also a great idea. Explore your cooking potential and have fun with homemade dishes prepared by you and your friends.

    Organize brief trips with your friends. Become bolder than you were by exploring new places. Make one day from each month a day of travel and adventure. Enjoy the serenity of places you’ve been to earlier. Hike or trek to a place you’ve never been to. Go for picnics or hire a cycle for a day. But make sure you are well-informed about the way so you don’t get lost or find yourself in trouble.

    Live your passion
    It is time to go and live your passion in art, music, or sport. You can join an institution that trains youngsters to groom their vocation. Not only will you have a wonderful time with your friends while learning, such passions help enhance your academics, too, as they help in your concentration and dedication skills.

    Act socially responsible
    Establish a club at college or become a member if you already have one. You can also volunteer in an organization that works for a cause you’re concerned about. Bond with a friend over an issue you are both passionate about. Through these clubs and organizations, you’ll get the practical experience of dealing with social, environmental and cultural issues. Most importantly, you will be doing your part in making the world a better place.

    Know your faculty
    All the friends, teachers and staff, including security guards and the canteen’s staff, are part of the college’s extended family. If you happen to meet them outside college, take the time to say hello. Feel more connected with them.

    Decorate your class/college premises
    Get your friends together and make your classroom/college a livelier place. Utilize your artistic skills. If one of you has the skill to paint, then create something lovely to hang on your classroom wall. Work on a collage of photos involving the entire class.

    When you have a free class, you can use this time to become environment friendly in your little ways. Arrange to plant as many flowering and non-flowering plants as possible in and around the campus area.

    Organize events in college
    Competitions are exciting and fun. Bring together a group of students for essay writing, poems or debate competitions. These events draw together many students and help them build up confidence. Cultural programs featuring dances, dramas and musical performances can also be organized to encourage your friends and juniors to explore their talents.

    Group studies
    Even if you hate it, you have to sit for your examinations. And you won’t manage to get good grades until you study properly. So invite a friend over or go to his/her house and help each other learn the subject matters. Or stay after college and study together in the class itself. This way, even studying will be fun.

    Go for movies
    Movie theaters offer luxurious cine experience. Catch up on a film you’ve been hearing rave reviews about. A fine cine experience with friends you love is definitely rejuvenating. To be economical, you could also buy a DVD and invite your friends over to enjoy it with some snacks.

    source: republica,3 july 2014