Friday, July 4, 2014

SLC re-totaling results by end of this month‚ says OCE

The Office of the Controller of Examination is preparing to publish the re-totaling results of those students who were not satisfied with their marks in this year’s School Leaving Certificate examination. The re-totalling results are likely to be published by the end of this month.

The SLC results were published on June 13.

“Around 13,000 students have applied for re-totaling,” said Bishnu Bahadur Dware, Examination Controller, OCE. “We want to publish the revaluation results before the chance exams, which are scheduled for August 5-12 so that those who fail to make it through even after re-totalling can sit for exams.” Students who have failed in maximum two subjects can sit for chance exams.

“Not only those students have failed but also those ones who have with good marks have applied for re-totalling though,” he said. “Last year too students applying for re-totaling were mostly those who had scored good marks than those who had failed their exams.”

The application for re-totaling was opened from June 15 till June 29.

Around 13,000 students applied for re-totaling from the OCE’s Sanothimi office during this period.

The number of applicants may go up after the re-totalling forms are collected from across the country, the OCE said.

Students have the right to apply for re-totaling of all subjects by paying Rs 300 per subject, Dware said. “If the students are not satisfied with the re-totaling marks, they can even see their answer sheets by paying Rs 700 for each subject.”

Students applying for revaluation will get a copy of their answer sheets after the re-totaling results are published.

A total of 548,248 students had appeared in the SLC, of which, only 173,436 (43.92 per cent) passed the exams.

source: the himalayan times,3 july 2014