Friday, July 18, 2014

Things you need to take to college

You may have certain possessions that you cannot imagine your life without. You carry them along everywhere you go—even while going to college. Be it a real necessity or something you are attached to emotionally, these belongings make your college life easier and fun.

Here’s a list of accessories many college students prefer taking to college. Which ones are yours

Bits and bites
Health is wealth. If you don’t take care of your health, you won’t be able to make the most out of your college life. So don’t forget to eat in time. You can prepare some snacks at home for college or buy something healthy on your way so that you can eat them during your breaks. This way, you won’t need to rely on the oily and expensive food available at your canteen or the eatery near your campus. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water, too. And a bar of chocolate maybe.

To keep in touch
It is good to keep in touch with your family, especially if your college is far away from home. With a mobile phone with you all the time, your parents will also be assured that you’re safe and just a call away. You can count on your cell phone to contact your family in case of emergencies, too. And for many youngsters, mobiles are inseparable parts of their life as they keep them close to their other half. “I have to text my girlfriend every now and then, so I cannot do without my mobile, even at college,” quips Sangeet Khatri, 19, from Cosmos College of Management and Technology.

Mobiles also help you kill time when you have free time or while you’re traveling on the way to college. You can listen to your favorite music, play interesting games or browse the Internet. Mobile phones are handy enough for making quick notes and adding important reminders related to college work and others.

Don’t forget to carry an earphone, too. You can listen to music, or tune it to your favorite radio station when you are free or while commuting to and fro college.

Who would want to look unpresentable in college, right? You never know when your crush might see you. And for many of you who need to head to office directly after college, you wouldn’t want to take your messy and tired look along, would you? So it’s a good idea to carry some cosmetics, deodorant, comb and tissue papers in your bag. “As I leave for college right after I wake up, I feel the need to freshen myself up as soon as I reach college. I carry my face wash, cream, loose powder, mascara and lipstick to make myself up and look more presentable,” says Priyanka Gautam, 20, from National College.

Umbrella and raincoat
It’s rainy season, and it can rain any minute. You wouldn’t want to get yourself and all your precious belongings wet, right? So don’t forget to equip yourself with an umbrella or a raincoat, whichever fancies you. Even if it doesn’t rain, you can always use your umbrella to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

You could require cash anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s to pay for your bus fare or to have important handouts photocopied, you need money. Plus, there could always be emergencies. No matter how close or far your college is from home, carrying some cash is always a good idea.

Bookish affair
Your going to college doesn’t mean you need to strictly carry only course books. Carry that interesting novel you’re reading to college. When you have nothing to do at college, you can utilize your time by losing yourself in the fantasies that great authors have put into words in their books. “I have to travel all the way to Dhulikhel from Kathmandu for my college. So to make the best out my commuting time, I take along a novel. Since I’m fond of reading, I never realize how time flies by while traveling to and from college,” says Sabnam Acharya, 20, from Kathmandu University. If you’re not much of a bookworm, go for magazines. Latest issues of lifestyle magazines are available in stores which are fun to read and informative, too. Read the magazines with your friends in class and you’ll have fun discussing the topics covered in the magazines. Comics are another option.

A comfortable bag
To accommodate all your dear accessories, you’ll need a spacious and comfortable bag. Choose a funky bag that makes you look colorful and lively.

source:republica, 16 july 2014