Monday, September 22, 2014

IT colleges in Nepal: Inclined towards IT

Around 40 colleges in Nepal provide Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in IT, with varied affiliation to different universities national and international

S tudents who had appeared for Plus Two examinations are excited and anxious about which course to pursue further, in terms of faculty and colleges. The number of colleges and courses on offer can create confusion among students. Among the multitude of courses available, Information Technology (IT) has become one of the courses highly preferred by students. As the IT sector is growing rapidly with varied options, students are attracted to IT studies for its scope globally.

According to the Computer Association of Nepal, there are around 40 colleges in Nepal that provide Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in IT, which offer varied affiliation to different universities national and international.One such institution catering to IT enthusiasts is Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). “A career in IT has tremendous scope in the country as students are equipped with theoretical as well as practical knowledge,” says, Er Yogen Rai, IT Coordinator at KIST College, adding that it has similar scope globally. “Today, individuals and organisations are fascinated by IT and there is a huge demand for trained human resources in this sector,” says Rai, adding that an IT graduate hardly remains unemployed. According to him, IT graduates are more likely to establish their own company after gaining a few years of experience in the sector.

KIST College initiated their BIT programme six years ago. The Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT) at KIST is a four-year programme affiliated to Purbanchal University. The college has only 40 seats for students in the BIT course and till date around 500 students have graduated from the college. Students must have studied mathematics in their grade XII to be eligible for the programme offered.

Also an option for students is the Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology (BScIT) at the College for Professional Studies, LBEF. “Today, there is a huge demand for IT students as the sector is a creative field and plays an importantrole in changing the face of the nation,” says Uday Kanta Jha, Programme Coordinator at LBEF.

BSC IT at LBEF is a three year course with the cost amounting to Rs 350,000 to Rs 400,000. Since its establishment in 1999, 900 students have graduated from the college and are working in different organisations. Jha informs that after their under graduate programme, students can pursue their masters degree in the same field.

The recent emergence of global business, new technologies for data processing and data communication, networking environment, equip specialised science graduates to focus on professional careers in IT.

source: the himalayan times, 22 sept 2014