Friday, September 12, 2014

The best and worst of one's college

Kanchan Shrestha, 20, is a student of Bachelor’s in Business Studies (BBS) at The Times International College, Charkhal. “The fact that my college is equipped with all the necessary sports equipments makes me happy. The college’s premises are also well-managed and we have enough space to play outdoor games.” He adds that he feels good to go to college as his college has a fine interior and is well furnished.

What he doesn’t like about his college is the struggle he has to go through for buying food from the canteen during the lunch break. “There’s a huge crowd and we’ve to queue up for a long time. This becomes intolerable especially in days when we’re extremely hungry,” Kanchan shares.

For Prakriti Dhakal, 20, an engineering student at Cosmos College of Management and Technology in Lalitpur, the best thing about her college is the fact that it feels like her home. “The teachers and staff are very cooperative and they try their best to help the students grow,” she observes. She finds it very comfortable taking help from her teachers when it comes to understanding the chapters and she also likes to sit and have conversations with them during free time.

What disheartens her regarding her college is the fact that some of the students make big issues out of small things. “They also argue over petty issues, which disturbs other students, too,” she shares.

Likewise, Rashmi Joshi, 20, an undergraduate student of Business Administration at Uniglobe College of Management in Mid-Baneshwar, says that she loves her college because a practical approach of learning is adopted in classes. “Instead of asking us to simply mug up course books, we’re encouraged to learn things the practical way. We’re taken to different organizations for researches and their in-depth learning,” shares Rashmi.

However, one thing that she dislikes about her college is that she has to wake up early in the morning for classes as it starts at 6:30 in the morning. “I don’t get to sleep enough even on public holidays as we usually have classes then, too,” she says.

Sujan Chitrakar, 19, 1st year student of Bachelor in Manag
ement (BIM) in St Xavier’s College in Maitighar finds it interesting that many events are organized in his college. “I love going to college’s parties and also take part in events related with social work. Academic events like debate and essay competitions are other aspects to watch out for at our college,” he says.

Sujan, however hates it when he doesn’t have anything to do after classes. “We have a café outside our college and students usually spend a lot of time there doing nothing but chatting. I don’t feel good about it as I feel that students should utilize their college days in the best way possible,” he shares.

So what do you like and dislike about your college?

source: republica,11 sept 2014