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MFC Tribhuvan University,Master of Finance and Control Colleges in Nepal TU

The Master of Finance and Control (MFC) Program is an intensive two – year course stretched over four semester of full time study, with every academic year having two semesters. After the completion of the program a student will be awarded Master of Finance and Control (MFC) by Tribhuvan University.

Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University has designed Master of Finance and Control (MFC) program with the objective of producing managers who are equipped with the latest managerial principles and techniques with a special focus on financial issues so enabling them to meet challenges created by recent business trend.

In the MFC program, each course has a certain number of credits assigned to it depending on its lecture, tutorial and practical work hours in a week. One lecture hour per week per semester is assigned one credit. That is one credit hour course must include 16 contact hours during the semester.

There will be continuous evaluation of a student's performance through internal evaluation. The variety of pedagogical methods will be used, such as, on-campus learning through classroom discussion, presentation, group work, case analysis and guest lecture series, and off-campus learning through project work, and on-line instructions.
The normal duration and the maximum duration for the completion of the requirement for the program are as follows:
> Normal duration: 24 months (4 semesters)
> Maximum credit accumulation period: 4 years from the date of registration.

Program Objectives of the MFC

The basic objective of MFC program is to develop expertise of students of Masters of Finance and Control with a special focus finance, investments, banking, and insurance. The graduates of MFC program will be able to serve as finance officers in different banks & financial institutions, business firms, non-government organizations and government projects.

The program aims to:
> Provide students with a sound knowledge of basic concepts and principles of managing business with a focus on financial decision making.
> Enable the students to acquire financial decision making skills required for managing business.
> Prepare the students to better understand a world of finance along with their applications.
> Familiarize the students with the most recent trends in financial decision making.

Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering MFC Course are:

 1. TU School of Management [ view details]

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MFC Colleges in Nepal,TU