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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exam Routine 4 years B.Sc Second year 2072 and 3 years B.Sc 2nd year 2072 from Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University ,office of the controller of examination, Balkhu, has published the examination schedule of both 3 years B.Sc 2nd year  and 4 years B.Sc 2nd year programs.

The examination of 4 years B.Sc 2nd year 2072 starts from 2072/04/20 (Applied Statistics) and ends on 2072/05/03 (Math-202).The examination of 3 years B.Sc Second year 2072 starts from 2072/04/19 (Chemistry-321) and ends on 2072/05/04 (Statistics-II 321).

The examination time will be from 1pm  to 4 pm for 4 years B.Sc Second year and 7 am to 10 am for 3 years B.Sc 2nd year 2072,View the complete routine below for both exams:

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 4 years B.Sc 2nd year 2072
Examination time: 1-4 pm.
[ Date ]-----------------------------[ Subject ]
2072/04/20------------------------Applied Statistics
2072/04/25------------------------Physics-201/ Microbiology-201
2072/04/29------------------------Environment Science-201

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 3 years B.Sc 2nd year 2072
Examination time: 7 am to 10 am.
[ Date ]-----------------------------[ Subject ]
2072/04/24------------------------Mathematics 321/Zoology 321
2072/04/26------------------------Botany 321/Meteorology 321
2072/04/28------------------------Physics 321/ Microbiology 321
2072/04/32------------------------Mathematics 322
2072/05/02------------------------Geology II 321/Computer Science 321/ Env. Science-321
2072/05/04------------------------Statistics-II 321


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