Monday, June 1, 2015

    Nepali student's murderer in US jailed for 85 years

    WASHINGTON, June 2: The assailant of Nepali student Samanta Shrestha has been sentenced to 85 years in prison.

    Issuing a verdict after hearing the case on Monday, Montgomery County Circuit Court slapped an 80 year-jail term and additional five years for trying to hide evidences on murder-accused Jessica Michelle EWing for killing Nepali student Shrestha.

    Virginia Tech student 21-year-old Shrestha was 'shot and stashed in a sleeping bag by fellow student and her friends.' However, the motive behind the killing is yet to be known.
    22-year-old main-accused Jessica is the student of Virginia Tech.

    The hearing on the case had been carried out intensively from 9 am to 5 pm yesterday.The local police had arrested two other students in connection with Samanta's murder last year.

    The murder-accused from Blacksburg, Virginia, were the students of Virginia Tech University, police informed following their arrest.There are a considerable number of Nepali students at this university.

    Main-accused Jessica was the student of this university while Samanta had attained higher education from James Madison High School based in Virginia.

    People from various walks of life including journalists, social activists, and Nepali migrants were present during hearing the yesterday.

    Issuing a verdict, the judge said main-accused Jessica will have to serve a 45-year-jail-term at the initial phase and then if her demeanor is found to have improved after serving the jail term, she will be allowed to make an appeal at the Montgomeri County Circuit Court.

    source/photo: republica,2 june 2015