Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 Yrs BBS 3rd year and 3 Yrs BBS 3rd year 2073 Examination Routine published from TU

Tribhuvan University, office of the controller of examination, Balkhu has published examination routine of 4 Yrs. BBS 3rd year 2073 and 3 Yrs BBS 3rd year  2073.

The examination of  4 Yrs. BBS 3rd year starts on 2073/02/16 and ends on 2073/02/25. The examination of 3 Yrs. BBS 3rd year starts on 2073/02/17 and ends on 2073/02/26.

The examination time is from   to 10 am.

Examination Schedule of 4 Yrs. BBS 3rd year 2073 as follows:
> 2073/02/16-MGT.204 Business Law
> 2073/02/18-MGT.215 Fundamentals Financial Mgmt.
> 2073/02/20-MGT.217 Business Environment & Strategic Management
> 2073/02/23-MGT.218 Fundamentals of Taxation and Auditing
> 2073/02/25-MGT.219 Organizational Behavior

Examination Schedule of 3 Yrs. BBS 3rd year 2073 as follows:
1. Date: 2073/02/17:
Subject: Accounting for Business-311,Corporate Finance-321,Fundamentals of Advertising-331, Fundamentals or Organizational Behaviour-341, Computer System and Programming-351

2. Date: 2072/02/19
Subject: Taxation in Nepal-312, Foundation of Financial inst, & Markets-322, Distribution Management-332,International Business-342, Management Information System-352

3. Date: 2073/02/21
Subject: Auditing-313, Fundamentals of Investment-323, Fundamentals of Selling-333, Fundamentals of Strategic Management-343.Productivity Management-353

4.Date: 2073/02/24
Subject: Accounting for Financial Institutions-314, Banking and Insurance-324, Fundamentals of Services Marketing-334, Management of Industrial Relations-344, Operations Reseach-354

5. Date: 2073/02/26
Sectorial Area:
Tourism Management-401,Rural Development and Cooperative Mgmt.-402,Hotel Management-403,Entrepreneurship and Small Business Mgmt-404, Transport Management-405, Project Management-406, Foreign Trade and Transit Mgmt.-407