Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TU constituent colleges to charge upto 3.1 m for PG courses

The Executive Council of Tribhuvan University has set the fee structure of post graduate courses offered by University’s affiliated and constituent colleges on Tuesday.

The meeting was held at the Vice-Chancellor Office in the Capital this evening.

Speaking to THT Online over the phone TU’s VC Tirtha Raj Khaniya said the TU constituent colleges would charge maximum of Rs 3. 1 million for the post graduate courses offered across the nation.

“TU affiliated colleges would charge upto Rs 26, 83,000 for PG courses, however, constituent colleges would charge additional 15.5 % to that of affiliated colleges”, added Khaniya.

“The 15.5 % was added in the fee structure to cover the cost of hospital infrastructure and professor’s salary of constituent colleges, however, colleges have their right to charge fee accordingly but not exceeding the limit set by the Executive Council,” shared Khaniya.

The Executive Council has also set the limit for other courses offered by the colleges including nursing and pharmacy.

Earlier, the government was solely responsible for determining the fee structure of the post graduate courses offered by the TU affiliated colleges, only the right to monitoring and Supervision was given to the colleges.

“This time around, the government has given full authority to the Executive Council of TU to determine the fee structure of the PG and MD courses and also the right to monitor and supervise colleges under the Tribhuvan University”, informed the VC Khaniya.

“We are also working to determine the fee structure of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and will announce it in a day or two,” added Khaniya.

Earlier, MBBS doctors aspiring to pursue post graduate and doctorate of medicine courses were compelled to pay hefty amount.

Meanwhile, the decision would be effective from today itself.

source: the himalayan times,20 june 2017