Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vacancy announcement from Sunrise Bank Limited

Sunrise Bank Limited, Class “A” Commercial Bank of Nepal, a fast growing bank with diversification to various areas of functions and expansion aims to increase the pace of quality growth in the coming years. In the process, the bank requires a pool of competent Human Resources to surpass the targeted quality growth in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. The bank would like to request for applications from competent Nepalese candidates in positions mentioned below. The respective candidate should have innate qualities including but not limited to team player, positive attitude and strive for quality performance.

1.Chief Risk Officer (CRO)-Managerial Level
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) position has been established with an objective to review the bank's risk management infrastructure and control systems and to ensure adequacy to enforce bank's risk policy and business continuity planning.  The bank has envisaged implementation of comprehensive risk management framework in various areas of banking and to perform independent risk assessment.

The bank is looking for an outstanding personality to assume the position of CRO who is abreast of “best practice” of risk management in banking at national as well as international level and suggest modifications to bank policy towards enterprise risk management approach.  The CRO along with his team shall develop sound risk assessment and rating methodologies and be instrumental in supporting the strategy of bank in instilling risk culture in the bank.

Academic qualification: Masters Degree from recognized university
Experience: Minimum 5 Years experience in Commercial Bank with exposure in related field 

Roles and Responsibilities of the CRO
In essence, the CRO to oversee the different dimensions of risk management of the Bank and develop proper mechanism of control, monitoring and continuous improvements under risk portfolio. Further, other key responsibilities shall be below but not limited to:
> Plan, design and act on the risk management program and help the bank in managing its risk strategically, efficiently and effectively.
> Develop sound risk assessment models and risk measurement, mitigation, and reporting, frameworks across all functions  and activities of the Bank.
> Establish, communicate and facilitate the use of appropriate Risk Management methodologies, tools and techniques.
> Provide feedbacks on reports including sector wise reports and credit portfolios as required by Competent Authority of the Bank
> Review of appropriate credit risk exposures and credit risk mitigation under BASEL III guidelines
> Monitoring of business units to ensure appropriateness of utilization of credit facilities through inspection visits even during the processing of credit files, if required.
> Monitor concentration of risk in various industries/sectors on periodic intervals and advise Competent Authority accordingly.

2.Chief Technology Officer (CTO) -Managerial Level
With an objective to move ahead with the latest technological advancement in the banking services, the bank has recently migrated its core banking software (CBS) to FINACLE.10. With the change in CBS, the bank has envisaged digitalization and automation of its operational processes as its strategic goal.

In order to support achievement of the corporate goal, the bank is looking for an outstanding personality to assume the position of Chief Technology Officer who will primarily be responsible to lead its IT/Systems Department as the architect of the bank’s technology vision. The CTO will work with a team of IT professionals and engineers to create systems and processes that make optimum use of current technological resources to meet business needs.

Academic qualification: Masters Degree from recognized university preferably in IT field.
Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in Commercial Bank with exposure in related field

Roles and Responsibilities of the CTO
In essence, the CTO will be responsible for every facet of the bank’s IT infrastructure and other technology resources. He/she will work very closely with other functional managers and will be directly involved in outlining and achieving the bank’s strategic goals of attaining automation and digitalization of processes.

The CTO can be expected to:
>  Analyze bank’s current technology infrastructure and align it with the business’ strategic plans.
> Develop a communication system for the bank, including network infrastructure, wide area connectivity, etc.
> Work closely with functional managers to ensure automation of processes, optimum allocation and utilization of technology            resources and to create strategic plans for the bank’s future growth.
> Ensure that the bank’s IT operations adhere to best industry standards and local laws.
> Ensure the security of the business IT assets including safeguarding from possible hackers.
> Work towards development and implementation of new technologies.
> Supervise and recruit technology staff.

Deadline for all above positions: 2nd July, 2017

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