Monday, July 3, 2017

MoE Nepal issues 18-point directive

The Ministry of Education today issued an 18-point directive, instructing all local level education bodies to act as per local governments’ educational plans and policies.

The move follows the completion of second phase of local level elections.

According to Co-spokesperson for the Ministry of Education  Saraswoti Pokharel, local governments will now have their say in education governance in their respective areas.

Schools while implementing their educational plans and programmes and allocating resources would be regulated by local level education offices as per the directive.

Likewise, local levels will also have a role in opening new schools, upgrading schools, merging two or more schools, keeping records of students, staff and school properties, resource allocation and expenditure, appointment of teachers and their salaries, among other things.

The directive also states that local level education offices would also oversee activities such as teacher training programmes, meetings, seminars and coordinate with the school administration, school management committee, parents association and other stakeholders to improve the quality of education, Pokharel said.

As per the directive, activities including holding of basic level examinations in school, provision of scholarships and educational counselling services and establishment of libraries would also fall under the purview of local level education offices.

source:the himalayan times,3 july 2017