Thursday, December 8, 2022

    Vacancy notice from Beema Samiti (Insurance Board - Nepal)

    Beema Samiti (Insurance Board) is the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Nepal which is under Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal.This Samiti (Board) looks after all the insurance related activities in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. As a regulatory body, the Board’s main concern is to create a professional, healthy and developed insurance market in Nepal.

    Nepal Insurance Authority (Beema Samiti) announces vacancy for various Officer and Assistant Level positions.These vacant positions ae to be fulfilled by  are to be fulfilled by internal, open and inclusive competitive examinations.

    Position: Officer and Assistant Level
    > No. of vacancies: 36
    > Services/ Group: Administration/ Legal

    Examination Type:  Written, Practical and Interview (the medium of written examination and the type of written examination will be as specified in the syllabus of the respective course).

    Examination Centre: Since the written examination is conducted by the Public Service Commission, the examination center will be designated by the Public Service Commission.

    - Application Submission Deadline with normal fee: Poush 24, 2079 ( 8 January 2023 )
    - Application Submission Deadline with Double Fee: Magh 2, 2079 ( 16 January 2023 )

    view original vacancy below for more details and application procedure:


    Lok Sewa Aayog annual vacancy Calendar 2079 / 2080 (All Provinces)