Sunday, July 1, 2018

    The perfect fit : Expectation and some confusion reign post-SEE

    "After clearing her SEE, Arju Giri of Itahari consulted with her family about the faculty that she would be choosing for her +2 level. She also left the college selection decision to her parents "

    It is that time of year when both parents and students go through mixed emotions. The season of excitement as well as nervousness is not over yet for students who cleared the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The joy of success in the SEE has now given way to trepidation and concern for the graduates and their families over their academic futures.

    After the SEE results were published last week, graduates and their parents have been scouting for colleges across the country, as is the trend for this time of year.  College premises are witnessing an unprecedented number of visitors, resulting in them having to hire volunteers and additional staff to address the flurry of inquiries.

    Great facilities, multimedia classrooms, and other infrastructures are not the only factors that drive these graduates and parents to opt for a particular a college. Their expectation from colleges spans beyond facilities and services that these colleges promise.

    Quality education, a supportive and qualified faculty, the success rate over the years, and emphasis on extra circular activities (ECA) are factors that new graduates and their parents appreciate in a college. Most of them want a college that maintains a fine balance between education and extracurricular activities, contributing to the overall development of students.

    Dipesh Jha, a SEE graduate from Balkot, Bhaktapur expects his college to be focused on practical teaching and learning methods rather than the traditional theoretical approaches in a classroom.


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    “I want my college to help me become more self-confidence, alongside curriculum-based knowledge, so that I don’t stay confined in an academic setting and am able to share my knowledge in other ways,” said Jha, hoping his college would have friendly teachers and sports facilities as well.

    While most of students are concerned about the quality of education and ECA, some equally value the ambient environment offered by the prospective college.

    Bibhuti Shah, a recent SEE graduate from Padma Kanya Vidyashram Secondary School, feels as if most of the colleges have identical facilities and promise the same level of education, which makes the environment it offers major attraction.

    “I would want a college that has ample open space and lots of greenery. As there is noise and air pollution everywhere these days, the college premise should have a clean and peaceful environment,” opined Bibhuti, adding that well-equipped laboratories and good teachers would be extra advantage.

    Parents are also taking a keen interest in selecting the right college for their children. Shyama Acharya Shah, Bibhuti’s mother, feels that the right college for her daughter would be one which supports her talent and helps her evolve.

    “As my daughter loves writing and giving speeches, I wish her prospective college can provide her a platform where she can groom these talents, alongside receiving top-quality education,” Shah said. 

    But while students based in the Valley have a plethora of options to choose from, students from outside the Capital have to more assertive about the college they are going to enroll into.  After clearing her SEE, Arju Giri of Itahari consulted with her family about the faculty that she would be choosing for her 2 level. She also left the college selection decision to her parents.

    “Once I, along with my parents, decided the faculty I would be enrolled into, my parents went to various colleges looking for the best college for me. Yet, I have my own preferences for colleges. I look for great infrastructure, ECA, and quality education,” said Arju, who passed SEE from Peace Zone Residential Secondary School.

    Dharma Giri, Arju’s mother, said that it wasn’t too difficult to gather information about various colleges in town.

    “After my daughter selected the faculty she wanted to pursue, I visited various colleges in town. During the process, I also consulted other parents and students who have passed out from those colleges. After exploring several colleges and making sure that the environment and the faculty are good, we have zeroed in on an institution,” Giri shared.

    Students are also swayed by big names among the 2 colleges and tend to be influenced by their peers--be it friends or relatives.

    Satyasa Khadka, a SEE graduate from Bhanu Bhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School, Dhumbarahi, visited several popular colleges with her friends.

    “I saw it as an adventure. We went to some popular colleges and inquired about the facilities and the teaching processes. After visiting several colleges and analysing the institutions, we have selected one college,” Satyasa said.

    The Khadaka family, like most other families, relied on word of mouth, college reputation in terms of its success, and interestingly, preferred colleges that were closer to their home.

    source: CHANDAN KUMAR MANDAL, The kathmandu post, 1 July 2018