Tuesday, December 4, 2018

TU Examination routine of MPA Second year

Tribhuvan University office of the controller of examination, Balkhu has published the examination routine for Master's level 2076 under Faculty of Management (MBS and MPA),Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (MA various subjects) and Faculty of Education (M.Ed

Details of MPA 2nd year 2076 Exam Routine:

The examination of MPA Second year 2076 starts on 2076/10/08 and ends on 2076/10/26.

This routine is also applicable for both regular and private (full and partial) examinees.

Examination Time: 11 am-3 pm

Examination routine of MPA 2nd year exam 2076:
-Date: 2076/10/08
> (New Course) PA 610 Research Methods in Public Administration II
> (Old Course) DA 622 –Urban Development/HR632- Comparative perso.Admof SAARC countries/PF 642-Accounting System in Nepal

-Date: 2076/10/10

> (New Course) PA 620 Global Governance
> Old Course) DA 623-Dev. Plan./HR633-Labour Policy& Adm.in Nepal/PF643-Auditing System in Nepal

-Date: 2076/10/13
> (New Course)DM-621 Planning & Project Management / HRM 631 Human Resource Development  / LGD 641 Rural Development / CSG 651 Civil Society Governance and Management / PP 661 Public Policy Analysis
> (Old Course)  DA 624- Project Mgmt/ HR 634- Human Resource Dev./ PF644- Tax Adm. in Nepal

-Date: 2076/10/15
> (New Course)DM 622 Study of  Human Development / HRM 632 Personnel Administration in Nepal &SAARC Countries / LGD 642 Urban Governance & Development Management / CSG 652 NGOs & Development in Nepal / PP 662 Public Policy Development & Implementation
> (Old Course)  DA 621- Rural Dev. / HR-631-Personnel Adm. in Nepal/ PF641- Budgeting

-Date: 2076/10/19
> (New Course) PA 630 Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs Management
> (Old Course) PA 600- Public policy  Analysis

-Date: 2076/10/21
> (New Course) PA 640 Public Finance
> (Old Course) PA 610- Public Enterprise Management & Social Responsibility

-Date: 2076/10/23
> (New Course) PA- 650 Administrative System in Nepal
> (Old Course) PA -620 International Administration

-Date: 2076/10/26
> (New Course) PA 660 Public Enterprise Management
> (Old Course)  PA 630 Contemporary Issues in public Affairs Management
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