Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ministry of Education announces application for Nepal Bidhya Bhusan

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education has published an urgent notice regarding Application for  "Nepal Bidhya Bhusan" KA, KHA and GA Awards.

Nepal Bidhya Bhusan will be conferred to eligible candidates on Bhadra-22, 2076 (i.e. September 8, 2019) on the occasion of the National Education Day and International Literacy Day by the President of Nepal.

Application deadline: Sharwan Last 2076.
> Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class ´A´ medals and certificates: Will be conferred to PhD holders who received original certificates .
> Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class ´B´ medals: Students completing Master´s degrees with outstanding performance (Topper)
> Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class ´C´ medals: Students completing the Bachelor´s degrees under different faculties with outstanding performance (Topper).

view official notice below for more details:


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