Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Jobs at Province No. 1,Government of Nepal

VACANCY NOTICE ( 7 September 2022)
Makalu Gaunpalika, Sankhuwasabha, Province no. 1, Government of Nepal

1. Position: Medical Officer
> Level: Officer, 8th
> No.: 1

2. Position: Health Assistant
> Level: Assistant 5th
> No.: 1

3. Position: Staff Nurse
> Level: Assistant, 5th
> No.: 2

4. Position: Radiographer
> Level: Assistant, 5th
> No.: 1

21 to 45 years for officer level and 18 to 45 years for assistant level

Documents to be included:
Biodata, copy of academic qualification certificates, work experience certificates, related council or other association registration certificate

Key Details:
> Application submission location: Makalu Gaunpalika, Health section
> Fee: Rs.1000/- for officer level, Rs.600/- for assistant level. Candidates should include application fee submitted bank voucher paid at Siddhartha Bank Num, in the name of Makalu gaunpalika, internal revenue account, account no.: 02615389554 or cash voucher paid at Gaunpalika’s revenue section
> Exam type: Written and oral
> Exam date: Next day after application deadline

Application deadline: 2079/06/12 ( 28 September 2022)

View official vacancy notice below for more details and application procedure:


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