Friday, July 17, 2020

Ministry of Forest and Environment announces vacancy for various positions

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Environment(MoFE) announces vacancies at "Revisiting Ecosystem and Forest Type Mapping in Nepal" for the following positions:

A. Extended application for Experts
1. Technical Advisor
2. Agroecologist
3. Wetland Specialist

Re-Application deadline: 26th July 2020. Previously applied candidates do not need to apply.


Lok Sewa Aayog annual vacancy Schedule Calendar 2077 - 2078

B. Crew Leader and Crew Member
1. Crew leader(Forestry)- 5 positions
2. Crew Member(Botanist/Taxonomist) - 5 positions
3. Crew Member(Botanist/Taxonomist for Wetland) - 1 position

For detail on Terms of Reference visit:

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View official notice below:


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