Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Teach For Nepal Fellowship


Teach For Nepal is an education movement with the vision to provide quality education to all children by transforming exceptional Nepalese university graduates and young professionals into inspirational teachers in classrooms and lifelong leaders. TFN invests in its Alumni post-Fellowship to sustain their leadership growth towards an Alumni Movement of collective leadership for systemic change in education in Nepal.

Teach For Nepal Fellowship
> Job Title: Fellowship
> Number of positions: 100
> Location: Nepal

Educational Qualification:
> Minimum Bachelor's degree in any field or equivalent

Job Description:
Teach For Nepal Fellowship is a globally recognized 2-years full-time paid employment opportunity for individuals with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. During the 2 years of the program, Fellows receive a monthly stipend and an opportunity to go through leadership development training. It is a very competitive, challenging, and rewarding leadership development program, preparing youth to become lifelong leaders.

What If Your First Job Was Changing The Nation?

Who Should Apply?
> Recent university graduates and young professionals who are passionate about social justice
> Those who have demonstrated leadership skills in their academic and professional career and are interested to become lifelong leaders in various sectors
> University Graduates with at least a Bachelor's degree and a strong academic record
> Highly effective communicators in both Nepali and English
> Those who are driven by a strong value system - integrity, sense of possibility, humility, self-reflection, perseverance, and commitment

Application Deadline: 25 September 2022

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