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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bachelor of Public Health,BPH Colleges in Nepal, Pokhara University,PU

Public health approach envisions improving the lifestyles of the people. Therefore it is known as an important discipline of science. Public health has been growing up with different modest and applicable approaches that can contribute in insuring the health of people. The major school of thought of public health science is to promote the health of people through preventive and promotive strategies. A practical and applicable educational model needs to be introduced. Bachelor of public health program of Pokhara University is rightly designed to produce middle level young scientists who can competently work for the prevention of the disease and promotion of disease control strategies. In this light, introduction and implementation of quality education is become a principal motto of this program which envisioned to contribute in achieving the target of national health development.

The major goal of the program is to produce public health graduates of highest academic, technical and practical skill.

The course of BPH is designed to achieve the following objectives to:
> Develop the knowledge and skills in applied health sciences, laboratory works on applied health sciences and their application.
> Introduce and enhance the knowledge and practical skills in public health, primary health, health systems development, health economics, nutrition and environmental health.
> Train and develop the skills on epidemiological aspects of diseases and health system.
> Develop skills in designing, analyzing and evaluating applied public health science research and management.
> Enhance the knowledge and practical skills in dealing with human resource development and existing issues in public health management.
> Develop the research and scientific writing skills through the introduction of term paper and thesis.
> Ensure the skillful, practical and leading human resources through the community diagnosis and comprehensive field practices.
> Develop the extracurricular competencies through training, seminar and exposure.

Some of the Pokhara University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) Course are:

1. National Open College (NOC) [ view details]

2. Nobel College [ view details]

3. LA GRANDEE International College [ view details]

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Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) Colleges in Nepal