Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Exra: Moulding students into leaders by giving them responsibilities to shoulder that prepares them for life beyond college

Moulding students into leaders by giving them responsibilities to shoulder that prepares them for life beyond college
Do our college students go to college just for studies? Of course not. Besides their studies, many participate in extra-curricular activities of the college. And students are not just partcipants in these activities.
They are major forces in most colleges organising, coordinating and successfully conducting such activities. Be it a welcome party, quiz contest, sports event, food festival, concert, seminar or any other event, it is the students who are in charge of the event right from the scratch. This trend of handing responsibility by the colleges to students can be viewed as an important opportunity for the students to hone their talent helping them make themselves more competent and saleable in the market of the future.

Towards leadership
Any extra-curricular activity at the White House School of Hotel Management (WHSHM), Khumaltar is almost synonymous to Rabindra Singh. Studying Bachelors of Hotel Management (BHM) IIIrd Year here, Singh's presence is inevitable during any event for he is the one who has to coordinate and manage any event that takes place in his college.

"Be it sports competition, musical event, food festival or any other extra-curricular activity, I am handed over the responsibility as the event manager or event coordinator," shared Singh as he was the one who introduced the trend of organising welcome and farewell party in the college.
The winner of Mr Kathmandu 2009, Singh shared, "While working as event manager and event coordinator at college, I have to work as the team leader of the event management committee, and have to make policies and take decisions."
For Pradip Raj Giri, a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) VIth semester student at Kadambari Memorial College (KMC), Shankhamul, coordinating events at college "has proved beneficial for him".
It was Giri who coordinated the National Consultation Meeting on Government Environmental Governance Programme organised by KMC in collaboration with Yale University, USA a few months ago. "While working as coordinator, one does not need to follow others' directives. Rather you have to make decisions, direct and mobilise others." Exposure and networking "Marketing is the most important thing while organising any event," opined Priyanka Bathwal, Bachelors of Business Information System (BBIS) IIIrd Year student at Little Angeles College of Management (LACM). Bathwal "who was an introvert till her intermediate level" at present works as Marketing Head when any extra-curricular activities take place in her college. "My major responsibilities are identifying sponsors, preparing proposal letters, approaching organisers, convincing them and getting funds for sponsoring the events," revealed Bathwal, who has made large group of friends both inside and outside college.

"Taking responsibility means increased exposure and a large network of friends. It has also boosted my confidence level," opined Bathwal who finds this opportunity "beneficial for her studies as well as career in the future".
Freedom with responsibility
In most cases, colleges provide logistic support to the students, while students are given the overall responsibility to mange, coordinate and organise any event. As such there are no strict rules and regulations for them to follow.
"We mobilise our students keeping the principle freedom with responsibility in mind. Students are free to work in their own way. The only condition is that they should be responsible," said Dr Bala Raj Nikku, Founding Director of KMC.
Dr Nikku who regards students as "prime stakeholders of any event organised for them" added, "Such involvement in college life helps students develop their life skill.
When they graduate from college, they will be competent enough to create jobs for others rather than searching for a job for themselves."

Facing challenges But shouldering responsibility is not always an easy task. Besides dealing with teachers and college administration, students need to mobilise their own friends during such events. "Most of the time friends are helpful, but sometimes there is conflict as a few friends turn disobedient and do not complete their assigned tasks on time," shared Bathwal, who deals with such friends by "counselling, convincing or using any other technique depending upon the nature of individual student".

Many assume that involvement in other activities during student s life may spoil their studies. But it is s not true for Singh, who has always been the topper in his college. "I al locate time and effort to each sec tor as per the need because of which I am successful in each secs tor," shared Singh, who has his own s event management company.

Even his father Lachhi Singh is " happy with his son's achievements.
"He is good in his studies as well as extra-curricular activities. He has handled the challenge being com mitted and responsible," shared the father.

source: The Himalayan Times, 27 Jan 2011