Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Platypus' adventures well received here

The three-day long musi cal show sPlat organised by the Australian production company The Style Group in collaboration with Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School (SMDBS) staged at SMDBS, Bouddha from January 14 to 16 was a show full of fun and excitement.
The children's musical show sPlat is all about the e adventures of an animal named Platypus, who sets off on a journey to learn the val ues of life and later puts e them into practice. Written h and directed by Australian g couple Phil and Jodi t Tweed, the musical and songs are part of the Values l Education curriculum in Australia that has been ap l plied in the UK too.

A team of Australian chil dren and students from SMDBS together with teachers had worked for the production and staging of the musical.The show started with a musical performance by Phil Tweed and his friends. After the musical performance, the staging of the musical began. In the 45-minute play, there were six different scenes that showcased the journey of Platypus that starts from platypus colony to the barn yard, then to the ducks camp and ends at platypus colony.
The audience was excited and cheered after watching the performance.The school's former principal Khenpo Chonkyi Rangdrol highlighted the contribution of Thrangu Rinpoche, the school's founder. "The establishment of the school by Rinpoche has provided an opportunity for the children of the Himalayan region of Nepal to get an education.

Also this has been an effective medium to preserve the Himalayan culture, language and the Buddhist way of life."
-Kelsang Lama, BA IIIrd Year, Sagarmatha Multiple College, Boudha,Tinchuli