Thursday, February 17, 2011

90 % Nayagaun students deprived of education

Kohalpur, Feb 17 - Around 90 per cent students of Nayagaun village in Baijapur-3, Banke district, were deprived of education as they kept themselves busy in household chores and animal rearing.
According to the recent data, a total of 1,300 children are in the 224 households of the settlement. Only 80 of them attend the school.

As the name suggests, Nayagaun (new village) was discovered only two years ago.Immediately after the finding of the village, Suryodaya Primary school was set up there but only 80 students are studying in grades one and two in the school now.

"Ninety per cent of the children of the village do not come to school," said headmaster Man Bahadur Khadka.According to the District Administration Office of Banke, the settlement of the VDC was found around two years ago and it takes three hours to reach the new settlement from Baijapur.

When the villagers do not make the proper utilization of only school of the village, 90 percent of children are deprived of education, said the district administration office.Khadka said, "As the settlement is scattered, small children are getting problem to walk 2 hours through a jungle to reach the school."

He informed that as eights villages of Nayagaun doesn’t have a school, children of most of the households go to stay in their relatives’ house to obtain school education and those who do not have their relatives in the urban areas stay home by grazing cattle.Khadka stated that the youngsters of the village were also moving towards different cities of India as migrant workers.

The government had also purposed a new primary school for Baskhola of the village.
Around two years ago, the locals of Nayaguan even didn’t know the name of their own VDC. When the media of Banke published news about the discovery of the new settlement in the district, Chief District and Local Development Officers had reached the settlement and named it as Nayagaun.
After reaching the VDC, they urged the villagers to receive their citizenship certificate from Baijapur VDC. Though the locals have the rights to vote and enjoy the facilities provided by the state, they have enjoyed none.They are still deprived of the fundamental rights like education, health, drinking water and many other services, said Krishna Bahadur Budathoki, one of the locals.
source:rising nepal