Thursday, February 17, 2011

Schools enrollment campaign

The Students of Baijyanath Primary School at Kanchanpur have help many other to get an enrolment at the district schools.These students have collaborated for enrolling children and youths belonging to the underprivileged and marginalized groups. After a formation of Children Campaign Awareness Group by INSEC, the students are all set to help more students to get enrolment at the schools.

Indra Prasad Bhattarai, secretary, Children Awareness Group, said that the group was formed three months ago that has helped a good number of students to get access to education at the school.

Bhattarai said that a lack of awareness and illiteracy was the main reason that barred many children from the light of education.

"Such groups will be formed at other schools as well," said Bhattarai.

The group has been formed for creating awareness among the students and their parents about the importance of schooling. A total of 11 students are affiliated to the group.

Meanwhile, Campus Chief Jas Bahadur Lungedi and assistant campus chiefs Pushpa Dungana and Kedhav Kumar Kharel of Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus, Ilam have tendered their resignations citing that the students unions directly interfered with their works.

Issuing a joint press release on Thursday they informed that they had resigned from their respective positions. The student unions have carried out protests and directly interfered with the works of the campus administration compelling them to tender their resignations.

Nepal Student Union (NSU) and All Nepal National Independent Student Union Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) have been padlocking the main gate of the campus along with office of the campus chief and assistant campus chiefs for the past two months.

The students have charged that the campus chief has been involved in irregularity while giving appointment to the teachers on the contract basis.

Ganju Kumar Pradhan, campus unit president of the ANNISU-R said following the resignation of campus chief the door has opened for new dialogues through which consensus could be reached to run the campus.

After the resignation of the campus heads, the students opened the gate and the campus.

Likewise, Media Initiatives for Rights, Equity and Social Transformation (MIREST), Nepal, here today organized an interaction on how to guarantee the issues of the gender equality and women rights in the new constitution.

Executive director of MIREST Gaurabpurna Saini said the organization has been conducting such interactions in 50 districts and aims to organize in all districts across the country.

Saini said that most of the participants in the interaction across the country have suggested the lawmakers to guarantee the fundamental rights in the new constitution.

source:rising nepal