Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Locals set-up scholarship fund

    The local youngsters of Gumi VDC-2 of Surkhet have generated income through planting and selling of paddy for setting up scholarship fund which would benefit the poor and intelligent students of the village.
    Establishing Bharleni Awareness Club on the last year, these children were involved in paddy planting in sharing basis. As per the sharing agreement, the children would get half of the yield while land owners would get other half.

    The members of the club informed that from the paddy which was planted at 36 kattha of land, only 15 muris of paddy (1 muri equivalent to 80 kilograms), was collected after sharing the paddies with the land owners.
    Chairperson of the club, Dipendra Gharti, said after sharing the produced paddies with the land owners, the paddy were kept at the club. The income from the paddy would be added to the fund.

    A total of 36 children were associated at the club. During the monsoon period, they planted paddy at total 36 kathhas of land with their own effort, said Gharti.

    Informing that they took 17 days full days to plant paddies, Gharti said that their effort was to establish scholarship fund at their club.

    He said they had aimed to provide scholarship for the poor and sincere students of the village. One of the students, Dambar Bahadur, has been studying with the support of the fund and the club has further decided to provide scholarship for two other students of the village, he added.

    Gharti stated that till the date, a sum of Rs.10, 000 and 15 muris of paddies were added to the fund and would be used for providing free education for the poor and sincere students.

    Gharti said beside this, they had been involved at other social works. They had once provided 4 muris of paddy, 50 kg of rice and one quintal of lentil as support to the family members of the village whose house were gutted down.

    The club is not only limited for the works related to the welfare of the school and the students but the club has been working against the early marriage practice al. The club has been conducting awareness camping against early marriage with the joint coordination of various NGOs.

    With the coordination of Single Women Group of Surkhet, the club has been conducting various programmes at the village.

    Appreciating the work of the club, Programme Coordinator of the group, Bishnu Gyawali said that his organization had provided skill development programme for the members.
    The Nepal National Lower Secondary Schools of Nayagaule has also appreciated the work of the club.

    source;rising nepal