Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Many Nepali medicine graduates working abroad

A study found that out of 710 doctors, who passed MBBS from Institute of Medicine (IOM) in the first 22 batches, 256 are working in foreign countries with 75 percent alone in the US.

The study was conducted by Nick Simons Institute (NSI) and IOM to determine Nepali doctors´ migration.In a press conference here today, Dr. Mark Zimmerman of NSI said the study was carried out to find out the exact number of doctors working inside the country and abroad.

Of the total doctors, 261 (36.8 percent) are working in Kathmandu and 193 (27.2 percent) outside the capital city.

 The proportion of studies working overseas has increased over time and for the last two IOM batches studied, the percentage working overseas was 53.5 percent, the study said.

Zimmerman said compared to students with pre-medical college science background, those with paramedical background are three times more likely to work in Nepal and 3.5 times more likely in rural Nepal.

 Rural family origin and SLC from rural areas are the factors associated with doctors´ staying in Nepal and working in rural areas, the press release said.

An increasing proportion of Nepal´s medical graduates are leaving the country to work abroad, but perhaps not as many as popularly believed, Zimmerman said.