Sunday, February 13, 2011

Muslim students learning Sanskrit in Kapilbastu

More than 50 Muslim students of Kapilbastu are now learning Sanskrit despite attending a Madarasa.
In Kapilbastu there are more than half a dozen Madarasas, however, Muslims are learning at Tauleswor Nath Sanskrit Secondary School.

In the only Sanskrit school of the district Muslim students are voluntarily attending classes, the school said.
More than 500 students are learning at the school. Due to the cheap service of school, students are continuing until they complete their secondary level education.

Muslim students are talented in Sanskrit. Safin Naaj, a Muslim student attained the highest Sanskrit marks in the eighth grade.Naaj is supported by her family, who encourage her to learn Sanskrit.
Safin’s father Abdul Salam said, according to the interest of his daughter, they enrolled her at the Sanskrit school.